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or site-specific “installation” whatsis: Swan asks… whuh? tinsmith style? Sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued, once in a while a card sharp hustlin’ the boardwalk near Seagate, other times filling out custom forms with a black Sharpie while waiting on the long, long line at the post office on Neptune: I, Swan, raised on Mermaid Avenue & a graduate of racially torn James Madison H.S. (shout out to Chris Rock: what’s good, homie?) have been all these things & more— lots more. Most Brooklyn kids are. One thing, however, I ain’t is fan enough of so-called “street art” (most of which is lazy crap, no matter how long it takes prepare: free fake “grit” for yuppies, my how “transgressive,” thanks for keeping it “real” for those who already got theirs) to know what the heck this… thing is. If any of ya’ll know who got this up, WWIB salutes you &— on the far off-chance Mizz or Mistah Artist herself is reading this— dude, I count five spots in BK alone, damn good spots too, so props. The truly anonymous have our highest regard but if somebody does wanna get at us, we’d love to learn more.

The Publisher adds: Thanks to The People of New Lots, the 26th Ward & elsewhere for all the feedback re: When The East Is In The House. A partial index of subjects included therein: Alfred Kazin, Michael Stephens, Blahzay Blahzay, Danny Lyon, James S.T. Stranahan, Mayor Boody, the Carter Family, Nick Cave, Francis Poulenc, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, William Thackeray, Julian Symons & Jackie Robinson (née Interboro).

But wait there’s more! This Sunday at 1 pm, FNY Webmaster Kevin Walsh is offering another boffo Forgotten Tour; word on the streets & high above the water on East River Bridge #2 is that some very special guests will also attend. Who? Be there or better ask Epstein’s Mother for one hell of an excuse.

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