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by Anonymous*: Glug glug glug? Walter Benjamin believed it so, yes, but throughout the 1960s & into the early ’70s, I was a HUGE Beach Boys fan, thus I vastly prefer “Chug-A-Lug” (Chug-A-Lug). To those who disagree another term at the Gravesend School of Doo-Wop might be in order. “Fuck that, Pops— I have a gub” ya’ll reply? I’m shaking. This is still Brooknam: who doesn’t? Sometimes in Rockapulco, Queens**, large aquatic mammals wash up on shore & we wonder, hmmmmmmystery fish… how would that taste grilled? A similar question arises every time I peep this silver finned devil mounted on the wall. Much respect to The Creator, of whom nothing is certain— a trick nearly as impressive as the getting up itself these days, when everyone wants to tell ya’ll everything, constantly, no matter how little they actually know. So tell us Great Sages of the Blogidad: is it street art, graffiti or… dinner?

Stories And Texts For Nothing, Tickets $10, & going fast!! For further info on next week’s NYPL Live program on Eminent Domain featuring Mindy Fullilove, Tom Angotti, Marshall Berman & Brian Berger, with moderator by Michael Galinsky… just ask in the comments box below. Meanwhile, here’s a very interesting, sobering article from by Ilya Somin on “The Limits of Anti-Kelo Legislation”. Rep. Maxine Waters stood up— what about your representative? This nonsense— & the very ersatz “liberalism” on display in Kelo v. New London (stand up Ruth Bader Ginsburg, formerly of… James Madison H.S., Brooklyn) that emboldened it— should be excoriated at every turn.

* Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923. A retired New York City Transit Authority Tower Operator, he lives with his wife & two cats in Bay Ridge. He does not want your peas, your rice, your coconut oil, nor all arrogance of earthen riches.

** Home of Infamous Mobb, Utopia Bagels & the world’s largest blogfest.

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