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1984 66-year old Eleanor Bumpurs is shot and killed by police as they try to evict her from her Bronx apartment— Bernhard Goetz shoots four men on a subway; he said they tried to rob him— Run DMC self-titled debut—Benjamin Ward named first black Police Commissioner— UTFO, “Roxanne, Roxanne,” followed by Roxanne Shanté, “Roxanne’s Revenge”— Garry Winogrand dies— Beat Street— subway fare rises to 90 cents— 1,450 murders

1985 Mob boss Paul Castellano is shot dead in a gangland execution on E. 46th Street in Manhattan— Westway is finally dies but it does not sleep with the fishes (striped bass, in this case)— L.L. Cool J, Radio— Doug E. Fresh, “The Show” b/w “La Di Da Di”— MC Shan, “The Bridge”— Rockaway Playland closes— 1,384 murders

1986 Larry Davis wounds six police officers during a shootout in the Bronx; a fugitive for 17 days, he becomes a criminal folk hero— 23-year-old Michael Griffith and 36-year-old Cedric Sandiford chased by white mob in Howard Beach, Queens; Griffith is killed attempting to flee acroshalloween parade?s the Belt Parkway— New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato and Federal attorney Rudolph Giuliani don outlandish “undercover” disguises and buy crack in Washington Heights; the City is not impressed— Ivan Boesky pleads guilty to insider trading— machete-wielding Juan Gonzalez kills two and wounds nine on the Staten Island Ferry— subway fare rises to $1—Eric B & Rakim, “Eric B. Is President” — 1,582 murders

Brian Berger, from New York Calling: Blackout To Bloomberg, reprinted, after tense negotiations, by permission of the author, who often dreams of (Forgotten) Highland Park.

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