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voting is for suckersWWIB Transportation Editor, Swan, explains: Ya’ll can check the record, we went for Barry early— who the hell wouldn’t have? Not the Mighty Sparrow! All three Clintons are venal, John Edwards was a stiff, Dennis Kucinich had a hot wife & no traction: please, let’s not relive the nightmare again so soon; gracias. Today, however, as the formerly beloved, mostly, Barack Obama zig-zags between shameful rightward lurches & nauseating, middle-of-the-road stumbling points, talk from Bond Street to Mermaid Avenue to Linden Boulevard to Hunterfly Road to Force Tube has sadly turned to the historic question: how long until it’s fair say to let’s impeach America’s first half-black president? The body politic of Brooklyn has been known to tolerate— hell, to birth & raise, as well as adopt— more than a few knuckleheads, numskulls, nitwits, gasbags, asshats, jerkoffs, fucktards, boobs, chumps, crooks, dopes, dupes, dubs, dipshits, lamebrains, morons, saps, simps, petty thieves, feebs & grand larcenists too so if, having vanquished the monsters, Obama in fact ashighway to pk kidpires to neo-Clintonism… the disappointment will be nothing new. Something else old, & dirty: the story of what horrible crossbreeding led to such total freaks of nature as Charles Schumer and Marty Markowitz, never mind their frightening co-existence. Come back Mayor David A. “Loose” Boody— I swear all is forgiven! (PK is very short for Parliament-Funkadelic.)

Junius Van Sinderen, Ombudsman adds: Hot on the sports corruption beat, Norman Oder of the Atlantic Yards Report has started publishing an interview with another man who dissects the plans few in the corporate media have the gumption to tackle. Who might this be? We love him on Field Of Schemes… We cheer as another cheap hustler double-faults into the Demause.net… ladies & gentleman, all the way from Flatbush U.S.A. & looking mighty spiffy, I must say, let’s give a warm blogidad welcome to seven-time South Brooklyn Press Club all-star… Neil DeMause!!

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