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sand & fur& heading for Seagate?! Scorpion wades in to explain: Events— even “good” ones? Don’t do ‘em. Sure, I’m on the streets, it’s where the action is, but the only time in the last six months I went “out” it was for the Crooklyn Dodgers (version II, from Clockers) reunion at Prospect Park & goddamn! They killed it, stand up Chubb Rock, Jeru the Damaja, O.C. & more, including co-hosts Special Ed (where’s he been?) & Buckshot (always making moves). While everyone at WWIB from The Publisher on down rocks the celebrations, concerts, cook-outs, dances, festivals, gatherings, luaus, sometimes the odd orgy or three held in Weeksvillle & Carnarsie, Mott Haven & Tremont, Broad Channel & Maspeth, Tottenville & Clifton, even Harlem & Inwood on the often forsaken island of Manhattan, ya’ll can read those things elsewhere. It might be a good read, & if it probably ain’t… that’s why we have Caz Dolowicz, Beadel Debevoise, Lorraine Otsego & Ernie another viewKoy, Jr— still a legend, although he still owes me $20 I spotted him Aqueduct last week. (Note to the Bronx Bureau: betting on a horse named Dead Dog, what were you thinking?) As for photography, Berenice “The Abbott”/BZA threw some flicks on my desk this morning with no comment other than “put ‘em up, kid.” “Hey, what the fuck are these?” “Sea bears— Brooklyn sea bears.”


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