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elevation showsDrunk on Albemarle. Drunk on Bond Street. Drunk on Cortelyou. Drunk in Ditmas Park. Drunk on Evergreen— Bushwick stand up! Drunk on Force Tube. Drunk in Gravesend. Drunk on Hinsdale. Drunk on India Street. Drunk on Jamaica Ave. Drunk in Kensington (they will get the services their property values demand). Drunk on Avenue L (the heart of Canarsie). Drunk on Mother Gaston Boulevard. Drunk on Neptune. Drunk on Old Mill Road. Drunk on Pitkin. Drunk on Quentin Road. Drunk on Rockaway Ave. Drunk at Sunnyside Avenue and Sunnyside Court. Drunk on Ten Eyck. Drunk on Utica. Drunk in Vinegar Hill. Drunk on Wortman. Drunk on Avenue X. Drunk in Yellow Hook. Drunk with Zyczymy Smacznego? Agape!

I’m just the Music Director around here but a literary item caught my eye when Norman Oder at Atlantic Yards Report reviewed Marc Eliot’s Song of Brooklyn, which oral history Brian Berger is a part of. As I heard the story, Berger blathered with the one-time Phil Ochs biographer for about an hour, mostly about the literary Brooklyn trope—he’s not a fan, mostly, with some very important exceptions—but also about the literary qualities of Brooklyn hip-hop, which I thought was a good catch. Could it be that most of the best Brooklyn writers actually… grew up in Brooklyn? Perhaps Berger will speak on this later. For now, I’ll leave ya’ll with a question: what’s the best Brooklyn hip-hop album of 2008? Buckshot & 9th Wonder, The Formula? Killah Priest, Behind The Stained Glass? Rock (from Heltah Skeltah) & his Shellshocked mixtape? In just the lastshorty shitstain 2008! couple weeks there’s been Jean Grae Jeanius (also produced by 9th Wonder), Brooklyn Zu Chamber #9, Verse 32 &, last but not definitely not least, T.H.U.G. Angelz (Hell Razah & Shabazz) Welcome To Red Hook Houses. Somewhere over Lorraine Street the ghost of Hubert Selby smiles.

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