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murder ave sliders“By the turn of the century, Fort Greene entered into a new stage of development. The real estate maps reveal a change in the type of building going on, as they show brownstones giving way to multi-story and commercial structures. As early as 1893 the Hotel San Carlos at 69 South Oxford Street appears on the map. This seems to have been around the turn of the century torn down and replaced by the Roanoke, which the Brooklyn Daily Eagle called “the first of its kind on ‘The Hill,’” and showed that the “The Hill section promises to divide with the Heights section the building of apartment houses… The building will equal the finest apartment houses in Manhattan.” The Brooklyn Academy of Music was built in 1906, the Masonic Temple in 1909 and the YMCA in 1915. By 1929 we find stores and apartment houses interspersed with private homes.

gate killaThe population, too, was changing. We find an increasing number of blacks in Census Tract 179, bounded by Greene, Clermont, Atlantic and South Portland. In 1910 blacks comprised 27% of the population in the tract; in 1920, 48%; in 1940, 55%. In 1930 other census tracts, such as 181, bounded by DeKalb, Clermont, Greene and South Portland were 1% blacks. There is a high degree of segregation occurring.”

Proposal For The Designation of Fort Greene As An Historic District (1973) by Albert Fein, Lois Gilman & Donald Simon

The Music Director adds: It’s a tough call but it seems likely the best Brooklyn hip-hop album of the summer is T.H.U.G. Angelz Welcome To Red Hook Houses, just out on Babygrande. A review is forthcoming but huge props to Hell Razah & Shabazz, the latter of whom has especially been deserving of a lot more attention; ya’ll will never think of Smith & 9th Street the same again. Play it back-to-back with Immortal Technique’s new one, The 3rd World & try not going on an All-City rampage— it can’t be done. Meanwhile, let that Brooknam rhythm & rage out the cage: “BK All Day,” blogga, courtesy the Boot Camp Clik. (Where did all these black folks come from? Oh my god, danger!)


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