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and still goingCaz Dolowicz looks forward it: Ya’ll know Old Timer’s Day, right? Right?! Well, maybe you have to be an old-timer to care, since it seems approximately none of the other news sources with the ancient South Brooklyn name of Gowanus within their purview have ever noticed. The divides— chasms, really— of class, culture & ethnicity aren’t breaking stories but they do seem to have become more exaggerated in recent years. Still, it is curious, isn’t it, that a decades-long institution like Gowanus Old Timer’s Day could be so overlooked. On August 20th, 2006, Jennifer Bleyer did an estimable job reporting about Red Hook Old Timer’s Day for the New York Times. It’s hardly everything but… what is? The Music Director did “A Red Hook House Party?” last month but neglected Shabazz The Disciple’s earlier Columbia & Lorraine St anthem, “Red Hook Day,” first released as a 12 inch single back in 2003. I’m not a huge fan of chipmunk choruses— I’m more a Beach Boys fan* myself— but hey… hey! This just in: The Publisher, gesturing wildly in a Gowanus Old-Timer’s Day t-shirt; Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report getting his lens game on that night at the New York Public Library. Click on the photo & there it is: August 12, 2006. That’s just too funny. What Kung-Fu style is that anyway, kid?! The 37th Gowanus Old-Timer’s Day will be held this year on August 9th from noon to 8:30 p.m. at Nicholas Heyward Jr. Memorial Park, Wyckoff between Hoyt & Bond.

* She came from Bond Street & arrived at Surf Avenue & West 5th via unknown means of conveyance, although the F to the B is likely. Why? The other Brian, as in John Cale’s “Mr. Wilson,” live at Asser Levy Park. Over & over the crow flies uncover the cornfield? At least! Does she have video? Thank the ghost of Murray Wilson, she does. I’ll be candid: The Music Director fucked this one up, big time. Thankfully unafraid of a what a dude will do in a town full of “Heroes & Villians,” Lisanne McTernan, of Found In Brooklyn did not. — Brian Berger (aka The Publisher)

Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923. A retired New York City Transit Authority Tower Operator, he lives his wife & two cats— one grey, one orange— in Bay Ridge. He does not want your peas, your rice, your coconut oil, nor all arrogance of earthen riches but clean mono copies of Beach Boys Today! & Summer Days and (Summer Nights!!)— those he’ll take. Thanks!!!

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