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obama in brownsvilleEveryone goes home barefoot; Swan explains: Alright, I can’t front: I erred, badly. But Berenice “The Abbott”/BZA is the photographer, I just tap this or that button & hope for the best. Sometimes it works & sometimes… ya’ll should make sure the camera is charged. So while I intended to offer ya’ll dozens of the finest flicks from Brownsville Old Timers Week, today there are only two. Thankfully, many many other reporters from the Brooklyn blogidad were thfresh fried baby (not frozen)ere & it’s likely ya’ll have seen their dispatches already. Let it be known from one end of the Linden Yards to the other that I, Swan of Flatlands, do swear upon the grave of the late, lamented Coney Island Joe’s… I tried, fam, I tried. As it was silk screened: “Original Brownsville Oldtimers celebrates Obama on their 45th anniversary, 1963-2008.” Neither the man ↑nor the legend ↓adjacent were available for comment. (Brownsville Recreation Center stand up!)

Zyczymy Smacznego adds: “Why eat frozen when you can eat fresh fried fish?” Why indeed? Gut-busting props to P&D Fish & BBQ Pit both for their grub & their use of treble-exclamation points. For more on this thrilling trend, see Found In Brooklyn, where Lisanne McTernan comments on the recent takeover of Gowanus by forces far greater than any knucklehead real estate shills (my words, not hers) understand; the blind leading the blind indeed. OPEN XXX YOUR EYES!!! A former MTA power plant (aka “the Batcave”) is unlikely to come this correct again.

No More Corporate Rule!!! Peace to the gods & WFMU Blog, where Brian Turner summarized most recent things Chain Gang, with a nod to The Music Director— that’s me. “Boycott Beijing Bling”? My pleasure!!! Some of WWIB’s own Chain Gang posts are as follows:

Mondo Manhattan… Revealed! (starring Mr. Mondo)

Frank Gruber’s New York (starring Mr. Mondo)

Who Is Coney Island? (starring Mr. Mondo, Amos Wengler & a cast of thousands)

Red Hook Wildcats & (starring Mr. Mondo, Robert Sietsema & Brian Berger)

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