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turn turn turnSwan’s signs of the vernacular: ya’ll don’t have to read ‘em but life is a lot funnier if you do. For now, let’s just say that somewhere in Kings County— it could be Vanderbilt Avenue, it could be Van Brunt Street, it could be Varkens Hook— the Brooklyn Department of Transportation (BDOT) has begun talking to folks they way they talk back. What the fuck? I blacked the sign out just in case somebody complains but plenty of ya’ll have been there & the location will be obvious to most. Oh sure, some might not notice, but that’s the Brooklyn blogidad, isn’t it? The blind leading the bland— all the way to yummy brunch… & beyond! Even in Greenpoint last year, somebody— probably a rogue Brazilian from Queens, so protect ya neck— bolted up a “Me Tira Daqui” sign, which ran for months & months without garnering attention. Maybe because it was so deadpan, or maybe because bloggers can’t read Brazilian? (The new ABCs: Astoria Bookmobile Calling.) The truth: Charles Barron aside, it’s rare we have cause to praise Brooklyn government on any level, from corrupt Community Boards to the vile Marty Markowitz, from every worthless State Assembly member to the utterly loathsome Charles Schumer but say it loud: BDOT Commissioner Twoze Zdrowie, you done good. Stay up, & by all means people, when ya’ll get to the end of the Brooklyn road… turn nigga!

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