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The Music Director gets on the good foot: hop hop hop. It’s too much to explain just now but the Old School is my school & in addition to rocking Rockaway Playland, Times Square peep shows & an old Rusian Aunt in the Bronx (everybody had one), I would listen to the the 98.7 Kiss-FM top whatever countdown each afternoon. At the time, for some of us, it was was as important as Saturday kung fu flicks on channel 5: Gordon Liu would rise again but who knew it then? Likewise who knew Steinski, the former Park Slope resident & New York City radio request line hero would hook up with another Double Dee: Mizz Debbie D. of former East Orange, New Jersey radio station WFMU, from 3-5 pm on Sunday August 10? It ain’t quite the same as having been there but since even I missed those sexy Park Slope Food Co-Op dances Steinski spun at (whoa!), Debbie’s show will be a superb way to catch up. (Illegal Art’s Steinski recent collection What Does It All Mean? is your co-pilot.) Putney says the Bormann Six Girl has got to have soul? Yeah yeah, we know, know.

from right to leftLizard (Hebrew name: Zvi), adds: Some folks like to talk about Emery Roth— the real Emery Roth, not that done under his name since he croaked in 1948— as some folks might. He was, to be sure, an interesting & important New York City architect. More rarely, however, does one hear talk of Emery Roth & Brooklyn: not in Bergen Beach, not in Mill Basin, not in Marine Park, not even in Clinton Hill! Somewhere in Kings County, however, there it is. Where, precisely? I ain’t saying. Not because of ya’ll, of course, but the rest of these schmucks… None of us want it go fucking condo so let these other “Brooklyn” (sic) experts find it themselves. Shalom! Or, as Lenny Bruce might say if he too didn’t croak, “Jack Ruby is Jewish.”


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