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but bingo (badly)Berenice “The Abbott”/BZA says… But Bingo! Funny to already hear the excuses for Bob Dylan’s predictably jive performance at Prospect Park. Did any of ya’ll really expect more or better? Such are the wages of naivety, & not calling bullshit on cynical buskers & simp bloggers alike. On the good foot, & in funky memory of Isaac Hayes, who even dead yet hath his sofloatersul entire, I got on down to Bay Street & Clinton for Bed-Stuy’s livest ones, the B.T. Express. Props to the band & everyone on the “Peace Pipe” in Red Hook last night. While video is forthcoming— guest cinematographer Mrs. Manicotti (ASC), formerly of Mill Street, is editing as even as I drink coffee & type— here’s some other news from the region.

All-City: Reporter David Freedlander of AM New York revisists the 2003 New York City blackout five years later. Brian Berger & others comment.

Northwest Queens: Handyman Mr. Angry of Angry New Yorker is down in the basement. The Department of Sewers is where, precisely?

Gowanus: Auctioneer Lisanne McTernan of Found In Brooklyn gets her graffiti game up, following the recent takeover of a former MTA power plant nearby. Photograph by Brian Berger.

Flatbush: Apologies for the awful four-way bingo flick above left, it’s all I got this second; NIRO-GOUGH at twilight makes up for it a little, I hope. — BZA.

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