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twilight of the blogsMrs. Manicotti (ASC) makes her funk B.T. funk. What’s up ya’ll? I grew up in Red Hook so when I heard Bob Dylan was playing Prospect Park the other night, I just laughed. Would he play the Red Hook crime saga, “Joey”? Would he play anything from Street Legal, the 1978 album dedicated to Brooklyn-native Emmett Grogan? Of course not but oh, how the (mostly) affluent (mostly) white people would eat it up, & I don’t mean like the insanely great sausage & pepper at John & Frank on Columbia Street. (They also have tripa on Thursdays— Mrs. Manicotti says yes!) Anyway, as tiresome as Dylan has become to anyone who ever knew better, the return of B.T. Express to Brooklyn was nothing less than a delight. As penance for missing the Jungle Brothers show here the week before I’ll post more clips in days to come but for now, even if B.T. Express only had a few epochal jams… that’s a few more than most groups ever had. With the potential to give us soul, funk, psyche, blues, jazz & even rock, I’d love to see a band like this at a regular club gig, where they might be able to stretch out more than even an excellent summer on Bay Street show allows. It was a lot less ominous than Shabazz the Disciple’s “Red Hook House Party” & the crowd gave no solace to the “Gowanus Like A Broke Dick Dog” types who would rather not let ya’ll know that not all South Brooklyn old-timers or their children are there to serve them— which might be why the blogidad imports all those Mexican & Ecuadorian laborers, & West Indian nannies from elsewhere in Kings County. Such as? I ain’t saying. Peace to all Dominicans in advance of Restoration Day on August 16— so that’s what flags are for! In closing, I’d like to say I had no idea what I would write when I began this post but I did heed the timeless musical wisdom that, when you are ready to do it, “do it ’til you’re satisfied.”


Mrs. Manicotti (ASC) grew up on Mill Street, Red Hook & is a proud graduate of Lafayette High School, where she wasn’t always in full control of her funky emotions. Who was?! A former President of the South Brooklyn Camera Club, she lives in Marine Park with her teenage son & three cats.

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