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sail on sailorCaptain Koy explains: It happens a thousand times if it happens once during the summer months: you going anywhere this weekend, Koy? Some jokers mean well, some are busting balls. Either way, my answer’s the same: I’m already in the Bronx, where the fuck do I need to go? “Bookstore, homie?” The publisher— always looking to hustle something— said that. Well, fine, there ain’t a lot of those around. “If it’s that important, bro’, set up a table on 149th St or fly idSouthern Boulevard,” I told him. “Or better yet– Orchard Beach. I’ll take two shifts. Maybe if we’re lucky, someone will report Adolfo Carrión is burning & C.J. Sullivan, Crime Reporter, will show up.” Meanwhile, there’s the library, my dog, our boat & more than three lifetime’s worth of chicken bones on the streets. What more does a Bronx writer need? There’s even Bronx Erotica!

Respect the X,

Ernie Koy, Jr

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