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lookin’ east(ish)Angry M.F. Fisher celebrated… con besos! Puerto Ricans? Dominicans? Friends? Rivals? The answer is both but it doesn’t seem the question is asked much anymore. I’m not sure why that is— maybe folks are afraid it would slow the ethnic cleansing, although that presumes more than a few people outside the community even care in 2008. Still, it’s true: there remains a large, vital “Spanish” population in South Williamsburg & throughout the Latino parts of the Eastern District, which extends all the way to the Brooklyn-Queens border in Bushwick. Interested parties can read more about this in Brian Berger’s interview with Columbia University sociologist Nicole P. Marwell & if ya’ll have a minute, dig the Johnny Albino Music Center on Moore Street & the hip-hop great Joell Ortiz over in lookin’ south(ish)Cooper Park Houses along the way. Me, it happens every August 16: I’m stuffed to bursting with mondongo & i can’t go on, I must go on to offer warm Restoration Day (Día de Restauración) greetings Dominican style, from Cibao to our house & back again. (If any of ya’ll happen to be in Gowanus later, check out Sonia’s Restaurant, as seen on Found In Brooklyn back in… November.)

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