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2494 Atlanticstreets are watching. The Publisher peeks too. The signs— & the flags— are all around us. They come from Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Bahamas. In Haiti & Brooklyn too they speak Creole or French. On Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights where Panama still runs the game, it might be Spanish. They are here from Guyana also, Land of the Six Peoples, at least a few of whom are festooned in red, green & yellow even as I type. What does Mighty Sparrow, The Calypso King of The World, think of this? I suspect he’s as excited as most of us about the upcoming West Indian Day Parade. Similarly, as a prominent Brooklyn figure who endorsed Barack Obama early, Mighty Sparrow is likely pleased to see his chosen candidate on the verge of accepting the Democratic nomination for President. As Nas assayed both the fears & excitement of many in “Black President“, New York Calling contributor Philip Dray offered another view in his recent Boston Globe piece, “The Orator“. Dray introduces us to Robert Brown Elliott, “the Obama of the 1870s,” about whom ya’ll can read more soon in the prize winning historian’s new book, Capitol Men: The Epic Story of Reconstruction Through the Lives of the First Black Congressmen, which will be published in a few weeks by Houghton Mifflin. Shirley Chisholm, somewhere, says “Yes!”

The Music Director adds: While there’s no missing signs of the florescent Cooler Fete at K.C. Hideaway (2494 Atlantic) this week, the other flyer might not be readable. Up close it invites ya’ll to “A Night Called Let’s Do It For The Ladies,” September 20 at the Rag Top Lounge, 1308 Utica. Dubbed an “80s and 90s Wear Affair,” very fashion forward folks like myself might not make it but if ya’ll got the gear… get on down.

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