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grenada is back!Junius Van Sinderen cleans up the mess. Greetings, blog people. Due to circumstances beyond the control of mere Ombudsman & Mrs. Manicotti’s cats (Mango, Percy & Kingfish) alike, some nations were accidentally excluded from Brian Berger’s Mighty Sparrow Appreciation & West Indian Day Parade preview post yesterday. Foremost among these was Grenada, one-time vacation spot of Caz Dolowicz, Guest Correspondent & frequent column castigator. That Grenada, among its many luminous qualities, was the birth country of The Mighty Sparrow merely heightens our shame— & believe me ya’ll, The Publisher does not shame easily. Above left, Dear Readers, that is the Grenadian flag. It is currently hanging from storefronts & utility wires; flapping from the ends of car antennas & poles of varying length & materials attached to the hoods of cars all over Brooklyn’s curry-scented Black Belt, including Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, Ocean Hill, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Fkeep runnin’ homielatlands, Brownsville, Canarsie & more. More? The Prospect Lefferts Gardens cipher has never excited us as poetry per se but folks is folks there, & they rep Grenada too. From South Brooklyn to St. George then, apologies all around. At 2 pm this afternoon, Brian Berger will be running “suicides” for one full hour at Old Boys High School field at Rutland & Troy this afternoon as public penance. Drop by & say hello if you’re in the ‘hood.

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