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Well Hung In Gowanus


pleasure palaceNew York has become a public meat market— and not soley for the sale of veal or bottom round. It is no longer a male dancer’s effiniate play and ploy, what with the prancing, walking and standing homosexuals everywhere in the city. They are in the Village, up Eighth Avenue, on Times Square, at the back entrance of the Fifth Avenue Library, on the West Seventies, and between 53rd and 59th on 3rd Avenue. They own their city. The queer folks have taken over the playing fields once confined to the men’s room.

It did not take the recent Wolfenden Report to activate them in the thousands. Married men are no longer covert converts as they join the franker advocates of effeminacy. Once it was merely in the theaters and the world of fashion; today, the grand design for deviates and a new sexual culture cuts through the professions and taboos.  The legions of the lost are finding themselves.

Clubs and societies grow all over the city, vying for membership. Propaganda for social legislation and mfrom a to zore tolerance increases. Newsstands fill their racks with magazines showing the gay boys in jockstraps— muscle men, judo experts, black belt winners— all accosting the world in public view.

Who does not know them socially? They are at all cocktail parties in an endless chorus. Kinsey discovered them en masse in all our professional byways. Some, in quixotic comedy, when queried, have replied, “We alone can end the population explosion. Let us be free…”— Colin Ross, New York After Dark (Macfadden Books, 1966)

The Music Director adds: Note 53rd & 3rd above & what can ya’ll say? Dee Dee Ramone is  an All-City King  for this & “Rockaway Beach” alone. The sound of Queens Get The Money, 1975:


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