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Brooklyn Book Notes

peter bishop’s bridgeby Beadel Debevoise. Just a quick head’s up on a couple recent titles that should interest  many  readers. First, straight out of Adelaide via London comes Peter Bishop‘s Bridge (no relation to Hart Crane), a meditation on the architecture & social meaning of said objects which features a couple color photographs by none other than Vermont Street Viaduct legend, Brian Berger. I’ve only skimmed this so far but it looks cool & as usual, the physical quality of a Reaktion book— its covers, papers, design, illustrations  & bindphilip dray capitol mening— is impressive. Australians & bibliophiles rejoice! Second, from a secret location in Williamsburg via Houghton Mifflin comes New York Calling contributor Philip Dray‘s latest masterpiece, Capitol Men: The Epic Story of Reconstruction Through The Lives Of The First Black Congressmen; Jabari Asim‘s excellent review of it in the Washington Post will get ya’ll started. WWIB hopes to speak with the acclaimed historian soon but if that takes just a little while to happen this election season… Don’t blame Beadel— I voted for Shirley Chisholm!

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