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queensbridgeby Zincsmith Billiard, Sports Editor. All that basbeball nonsense about going yard? This is how the street kids do it tho’ why I was here, precisely, is a tale for another time. For now let’s just say, ecstatic as I am the Mets blew it (not-quite-instant karma for raping the public coffers but fuck all ya’ll anyway, this means you Fred Wilpon, Mayor Bloomberg & nearly the whole of the New York City Council), I was dragged to see my boys at Abraham Lincoln High School lose in football to the purple & white invaders from Tottenville on Saturday, 42-16.  (The Staten Island Advance has a good gallery of game shots up.) Tottenville?! Hey, I love my Staten Island peeps, mostly, but come on, Tottenville has cheerleaders, man. Abraham Lincoln, in blue & silver, did not, unless you count me. Why me? Well, for one thing I dated a Lady Railsplitter for a spell back when I was a freshman at racially torn James Madison High School. For those few frantic months in  the Winter of 1979 it was wild, man, wild: we even saw The Warriors together at The Kent— The Kent! Afterwards Lady Railsplitter & I hopped into the cut & track walked west to Bensonhurst to get some 18th Avenue pizza & … Come back Lady Railsplitter, it’d be awesome if you told the rest of it.

Welcome readers of Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, the indefatigable website to which urban legend Brian Berger happily contributed a photograph of… Bowery Street, Manhattan.

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