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the unknown comic livesHarry locked his mother in the closet. Cultural historian, journalist and street photographer Brian Berger has other ways of getting what he needs but get it he will, for the nine to fivers, the brown baggers, the strap hangers, the working stiffs, the squares but mostly for ya’ll, in New Lots, Mill Basin and Mott Haven, Rockaway Beach, Astoria and Tompkinsville— even folks in Chinatown, my Chinatown. But which Chinatown? 8th Avenue? Avenue U? Both, and Q&As also. Mrs. Manicotti (ASC)

Willie Nelson biographer Joe Nick Patoski

Kim Cooper’s California: On The Bus With Esotouric 

Philosopher Mark Kingwell Is Thinking About You

Suzanne Wasserman: Historian & Filmmaker

Bronx-born  journalist C.J. Sullivan: Welcome Back, Blotter

Philip Dray: Historians Are What’s Happening, author of Capitol Men

Brooklyn-born blogger Justine Carroll: On Greenpoint As Such

journalist & author John Strausbaugh: Sissy Be Thy Name

Nick Tosches profile (available in Stop Smiling #35)

blind novelist Jim Knipfel: A Swell Looking Babe

Concert For The Comet Pinakotek promoter Luc Sante: Walloon For The Hell Of It

Meital Dohan: An Israeli Actress In New York

writer & editor Ed Park: Or, The Ingenuities

Meredith Brosnan: Man & Pookah

artist, barkeep & activist Donald O’Finn: Jump Cuts At Dean & 6th

Nicole P. Marwell: Keeping It Real In The Field , a sociologist in Brooklyn

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