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New York Calling Brian Berger is a historian, journalist and a frequent contributor to HiLoBrow.com. Among the subjects of his writing are 19th and 20th century American history; American vernacular and western classical musics; literature, including modernist poetry; film; crime; and Brooklyn.

His book New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg, was published by Reaktion Books of London. Berger wrote the Brooklyn essay, a 1964-2007 chronology and a bunch of other stuff; he also took many photographs  in all five boroughs. Marshall Berman wrote the introduction and was his co-editor.

whowalkinbrooklyn.com is a collaborative website published by Brian Berger. It is dedicated to the exploration, culture nd history of Brooklyn— and New York City— as a whole. Writing about or from or inspired by other places, especially Georgia, Florida , Texas, West Africa and the West Indies pops up  as well. The opinions herein do not necessarily reflect those of anyone, not even their authors. Caveat lector.

Managing Editor: Rutherford B. Trace
Fiction Editor: Kenny Wisdom
Contributors: Caz Dolowicz, Willis Still Sunsweet, Amber Tides

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